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Innovate, communicate
Servizi di innovazione
realize your idea,
improve your business!
Servizi di comunicazione
achieve your goal and
surpass your competitors!
Start up Restart di impresa
Start Up and Restart
your business!
Bandi di finanziamento
Financial Funding
and Crowdfunding
cogli l’opportunità della finanza
agevolata e del crowdfounding
Servizi di innovazione Engineering methods, economic-financial instruments and open mindedness are the key factors for companies selecting, evaluating and structuring new business ideas. Nowadays having a good idea is not enough: you need to market it properly. Our team will provide you a full range of services that will help turn your great idea into a solid business plan.
Thanks to our business connections you will have the opportunity to access public funding opportunities including possible partnership with major universities and top research companies. You will have a wide range of key resources at your fingertips to help you overcome any challenge. We are your research & development on-demand: we help small and medium sized companies develop an efficient and effective innovation plan in less than six months

Needs analysis

Listening to the customer for the definition of the objectives of development
Business technology and skills checkup
Definition of competitors and of the strengths and weaknesses
Solutions definition

State of the art technology and market: new and emerging technologies, demand analysis, competitive analysis
Brainstorming for problem-solving process / product / service
Generation of product concepts and innovative service
Dynamic assessment of the ability to maintain a competitive advantage over time
Defining the roadmap for the development of innovative ideas
Structuring through technical-economic feasibility of the idea, the business model definition and analysis of return on investment
Implementation phase
Protection of intellectual an innovative idea support, patent analysis and enhancement
User testing and focus groups
Research of development partner Integrated services for the construction of an innovative idea: project management, research partners, product design support, prototyping, testing and laboratory certification
UK QuESTIO, la chiave di accesso all'innovazione
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