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Bandi di finanziamento
Financial Funding
and Crowdfunding
cogli l’opportunità della finanza
agevolata e del crowdfounding
Bandi di finanziamento Every year, Europe makes available considerable funds for Italy in support of the various types of entrepreneurial projects. This form of financing is an important opportunity for the development of the business that is only partly caught by Italian companies for the difficulty of framing the proper notice and / or to the complexity of managing all the bureaucratic process .
The decades of experience that we put at your service is related to the ability to analyze for funding available at the Chamber, regional, national and European level and the ability to build a winning project proposals. We profile your needs that are faced with a continuous monitoring of the opportunities available: select the call that best suits your needs and the size of your company and we are able to adapt your idea to the issues of specific calls. In addition to this are now new, innovative forms of financing that are still poorly understood, but which may prove to be valuable resources to launch new products and services through the mode of crowdfunding: in this case the support offered covers all phases of the process: the definition of crowdfunding project and channel selection, preparation of the communication of the project proposal and management of the procedure on crowdfunding platforms.

  Bandi di finanziamento  
Construction project and finding partners
Technical-economic feasibility analysis
Search for project partners
Coordination of the project
Technical construction of the project proposals
Preparation of budget
Submission of the grant application and final report
Profiling of company
Preparation of the application in accordance with directions of the funding
Presentation and logging application for funding
Coordination of economic / financial investment
Coordination of economic / financial staff
Preparation of the spending plan and actual variance analysis
The final report and accounting practice management
Definition of the project, verify the consistency with the specific form of financing crowdfunding and verification of economic sustainability
Analysis of the best form of crowdfunding for the project and selection of the platform for the initiative
Preparation of project specifications, the objectives of the budget (target amount) and timing (dead-line)
2.0 Construction of the communication strategy is necessary for the launch of the initiative Communication contents
Presentation of the project proposal on selected platforms
Monitoring of results
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